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Notice on Recommendation for the Best SME Innovation Practice in the Ninth Technology Exchange & Exhibition of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of APEC

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 China Center for Promotion of SME
Development under the Ministry of Industry
and Information Technology 

 ZXQH  [2016] No. 8 

 Notice on Recommendation for the Best SME Innovation
Practice in the Ninth Technology Exchange & Exhibition of
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of APEC 

To Companies It May Concern:

With a view to promoting the SME technological innovation, transformation and upgrading in the Asia-Pacific region, advancing the APEC economic and trade exchanges and cooperation of SMEs, in accordance with the work plans of Minister Joint Statement of the 21st APEC Ministerial Meeting and Nanjing Declaration on promoting SME Innovative Development, APEC SME Service Alliance will carry out the recommendation for the best innovation practice among APEC members.

Related matters are hereby notified as follows:    
  I. Activity Contents:

Sponsored by APEC SME Service Alliance, the activity collects from APEC SMEs new technology and products with market potential, as well as innovation practices in aspects such as brands, management, business models and services. After initial examination, eligible companies will be included in the “APEC SME Innovation Practice Database” (hereinafter referred to as “Database”), then the companies will be recommended for “The Best APEC SME Innovation Practice” after being examined by experts and will be launched in the 9th APEC Small &Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair. As a benefit for recommended companies, services such as market development, business connection as well as implementation and transformation will be provided. APEC SME Service Alliance Secretariat is located at China Center for Promotion of SME Development under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is responsible for the implementation of this activity.  

II. Basic Requirements for the Applicants
(I)The applicant shall legally register within the territory of one of APEC members with good corporate image.
(II) The applicant shall be growing, innovative, international, environmentally friendly, etc.
 (III) No restrictions on the industry of the company.

III. Evaluation Methods and Standards
(I) Conduct initial evaluation on the application materials and include the qualified projects into the “Database”;
(II) Recommend the “The Best APEC SME Innovation Practice” from the “Database” by main industry experts within the territory of members of APEC;
(III) Recommendation standards on selected companies mainly involve the following aspects: 

1.      High-tech is favorable. Innovation includes independent innovation, comprehensive technical integration, technology extension, application field expansion, etc.
2.      The design of products and services is novel. The materials and design concepts are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable;
3.      Make use of new energy, materials and technology efficiently;
4.      Improve the management philosophy, systems and specific technical methods. Play a positive role in business management;
5.      Provide unprecedented new services (including service contents and types ) to customers;
6.      Introduce new business modes into social production system and create value for customers and the company itself;
7.     Provide innovative solutions and tailored design according to characteristics of customers from various markets;
8.      The project is of independent intellectual property rights without any disputes or controversies in intellectual property rights;
9.      The participating projects shall comply with project category and scope specified for the activity.

IV. Follow-up Services for Selected Projects
(I)     Publicity and Promotion
Advertise and promote the selected products and services through website, media, publishing Recommendation List for APEC SME Innovation Practice and other channels. .The “best innovation practice” company can win the opportunity of exhibition and promotion on the 9th APEC Small &Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair held in Shenzhen in July, 2016 for free.
(II) Business Service and Industrial Connection. Provide information for selected companies. Help them looking for partners within the territory of APEC members and exploring the markets; provide consultation, tutorship and training in aspects such as innovative application development, business connection, implementation and transformation, etc.
(III) Financial Support. Help Chinese selected companies to apply for the Asian-Pacific SME innovation cooperation special loan provided by China Development Bank and financial supports from other financial and investment institutions.  

V. Application
(I)     Application Materials
1. Table of Company’s Basic Information (see the attachment).  
2. The scanning copy and photocopy of related materials, including business license, patent or intellectual property right certificates with official seals.
3. Company honor certificates or other materials to show the good image of the company.
4. Other supporting materials. Please prepare the bilingual version (Chinese and English) for above-mentioned materials.

(II) How to Apply
Please email the electronic version of application materials to before April 30, 2016. Mail the Chinese and English version of paper materials with official seals to the project office. 

 (III) Fees
This activity does not charge any fees concerning application and selection from companies; service fees will be charged for business connection, training and other services based on various contents. Specific standards are subject to further notices. 

(IV) Contact Information:
Project Office (Maples International)
Address: Room 1206B, Building A, Maples International Center, No. 32 North Xizhimen Street, Haidian District, Beijing.  Contact Person: Jiang Mei     Tel:010--82292027      82292058
E-mail:  Project Office (Zhongcheng Mansion)
Address: Room 401, Zhongcheng Mansion, No. 9, West Binhe Road, Andingmen Subdistrict, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Contact Person: Wang Gang    Tel: 010--84759208     84759218