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Liaison unit: Organization Committee of the Ninth Technology Exchange & Exhibition of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of APEC

Liaisons: Zhang Weiwei, Xiao Ruxin, Jiang Mei, Fan Yinghui
Tele: 010-82292063 82292021 82292027 82292032
Fax: 010-82292013

Venue location

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Traffic information
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, convenient transportation, South Binhe Road, port, port and connected to the highway, driving drive to Shenzhen railway station only 15 minutes, Shenzhen Airport only 30 minutes. The No. 1 subway line No. 4, the Convention Center station connected by underground channel from the museum to the subway station, only 150 meters walk, two station to huanggang. More than 10 bus lines by the Convention and Exhibition center.
Shenzhen airport to Shenzhen Exhibition Center line:
K568 airport bus: Baoan Airport - fun - Science and Technology Park - Venice Hotel - SAR newspaper - Convention and Exhibition Center - train station (8:00-23:30)
Take 301A (silver lake bus station - Fuyong Phoenix Village) road, in the window of the world and transfer to subway No.1 line (Lo Wu and the window of the world), arrived at the Convention and Exhibition Center Station
Airport 330 bus: 330 (Hualian Building - Baoan Airport (terminal Road, 19:00 after the railway station square west station to the end), at the Convention and Exhibition Center Station in Zhuzilin Subway No. 1 line (Lo Wu and the window of the world).
The subway line 1 to the airport has opened, from the airport to the Convention and Exhibition center.
ShenZhen Railway Station and Luohu port to Shenzhen exhibition center:
Shenzhen Metro Line: Luohu - China World Trade Center - Street Station - dajuyuan kexueguan - Huaqiang road - Gangxia - Exhibition Center
Airport bus: take bus K568 K568 train station and Exhibition Center
Shenzhen Huanggang arrived at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center:
Shenzhen metro line four: Huanggang Station - - Fumin Exhibition Center
109 road bus: Huanggang - Union Square - Century Square - Exhibition Center
Shenzhen airport to take the subway to the Futian Exhibition Center
Metro: Metro Luobao line, a distance of about 32.8 km / fare: 8 yuan / takes about 50 minutes to reach the
Walk about 310 meters from the Shenzhen Baoan Airport, arrive at the airport east subway ride to the station Luo Baoxian (take 22 points) arrived at the Convention Center station.
Shenzhen Fuyong bus station to Shenzhen exhibition center:
310 Road (310-315 link) (30 stations) (the king of the mountain - manhole manhole king of the mountain)
Fuyong bus station - white stone - under ten Wai - Airport Road - Lake Garden - Huang Tian - Zhong Wu Road, crane - Trade City - Measurements South Group, too - Gushu Chen Tian - Baoan agricultural wholesale market - Xixiang interchange - flow Tang Lu Kou - Xixiang - Chuan Road - Yu'an intersection - district traffic bureau Baoan million good - South to the first checkpoint - New - the ancient city of the South Head - deep North big - Da Chong - window of the world - Fairview - the Konka Group Zhuzilin - China Merchants Bank Building
Transit line
109 Road (a total of 5 stations) (Huang Gang port - the sea world 21:00 - 6:30)
China Merchant Bank Building - Water Park - Xiangmi Lake - the Special Administrative Region newspaper - China Sea court - Convention and Exhibition Center
373 Road (6 stations) (Shekou fishing port - Buji Cambridge Garden (Bao Dingwei))
China Merchant Bank Building - Water Park - Xiangmi Lake - the Special Administrative Region newspaper - investment building - Telecom Building - Convention and Exhibition Center
Guangzhou to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from car:
From Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Shenzhen highway, to Shenzhen have fun after continue to the direction of Shenzhen City before a, in a export that Fukuda export under the highway, follow signs for instructions to Binhai Avenue, "Lo" direction to go, to Nanshan interchange can see the left in front of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Yi Tian Road, turn left, to the next intersection turn right is the Convention and Exhibition Center main entrance plaza.

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